Oswaldo Guayasamín was an Ecuadorian artist born in Quito in 1919.

Guayasamín was a Latin American master painter and sculptor. He created a Pan-American portrait of human and social inequalities who reached international recognition.

He was educated as a painter and sculptor at the School of Fine Arts in Quito. In 1942, he held his first exhibition when he was 23 and in 1948, won first place at the Ecuadorian Salon Nacional de Acuarelistas y Dibujantes. He took first place again in 1955 at the Third Hispano-American Biennial of Art in Barcelona, for El Ataud Blanco.

Guayasamín inaugurated his last exhibits personally in the Luxembourg Palace in Paris, and again in the Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires in 1995.

Guayasamin’s art captures many social plights of South America, such as political oppression, racism, poverty, and class division.

Guayasamín built a museum in his hometown of Quito that features his work.

Oswaldo Guayasamín dedicated his life to painting, sculpting, collecting, and fighting injustice.

His death on March 10, 1999 was marked by a day of national strikes by the indigenous people (whom he spent his life supporting) and other sectors of society and was considered a great loss to Ecuador.

He is still lauded as a national treasure.



ARTIST: Oswaldo Guayasamin (Ecuadorian, 1919-1999)
CATEGORY: Paintings
MEDIA: Oil on canvas (óleo/tela)
SIZE: h: 46.5 in x 46.5 in
STYLE: Latin American

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